The Lyric Club Glasgow are delighted to announce that we will be supporting ‘Rainbow Valley’  throughout our 2019/20 season. Here is what they have to say about the work they do.

Rainbow Valley educate people to take control of their cancer diagnosis by accessing new ways to thrive and survive, ensuring everyone affected by cancer can access information on how to nurture themselves by embracing a holistic approach to their health.

We believe that individuals who take some responsibility for their health live longer, better lives

A cancer diagnosis is frightening, depressing and often overwhelming. There are medical terms we don’t understand and treatments we have never heard of. While conventional oncology is important, both traditional and non-traditional therapies can be considered and the many possible decisions surrounding a diagnosis ultimately rest with the individual.

Our free to attend 2 day residential courses are held out with the hospital environment in a tranquil setting

For more information on this worthwhile cause, please click here.