The Lyric Club Committee would like to congratulate all those who auditioned for roles in ‘Summer Holiday’. As ever, the standard was extremely high on the day and after much deliberation, our casting is now listed below.


Don – Fraser Morrison

Barbara – Emily Thomson

Steve – Roy McGregor

Cyril – Colin McGowan

Edwin – Alastair McLeod

Alma – Jen McGuire

Mimsie – Melanie Harris

Angie – Kathryn Andrew

Stella – Frances Adams

Jerry – Alan Orr

Jean D’Arm – Ghyll McCallum

Guard Commander – Iain Wilson 

WPC – Claire Brown 

Wrightmore – Ghyll McCallum 

Bridesmaids – Katie Willcocks. Claire Milne

Backing Singers – Jenny Morning, Harriet Brace, Lorna Ramsay, Abbi Stevenson, Tiia Stevenson, Kara Stevenson

Ensemble – Katie Stott, Gary Young, Karen McGinness, Gail Clark, Hazel Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Fiona Shields, Tina Stevens, Pauline Mitchell, Morven McCallum, Christine Meechan, Kirsty Galt, Dara Butterfield